To enable CoinPayments as a payment method,

  1. Go to Admin Area >> Settings >> Payment >> CoinPayments Settings from there enable CoinPayments
  2. Add your Public and Private Keys by doing the following:
    • Login To your CoinPayments account
    • Go to Account > API Keys
    • Click on "Generate new key" button
    • You will get Public Key and Private Key
  3. Add your merchant id and to get it navigate to Account > Account Settings > Basic Settings from there you will find the merchant Id.
  4. Add your IPN Secret. you need to setup it first at your account by doing the following
    1. Go to Account > Account Settings > Merchant Settings
    2. In the IPN Secret field, enter a good random string nobody can guess.
    3. In the IPN Verification Method select "HMAC"
    4. Click on "Update Account" button